Sheet music Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky

Fragment uit de partituur

It is the largest sheet music typesetting project I ever did, and it is now ready. The Dutch, Dordrecht-based Music Theater Group "Hollands Diep" is going to perform Mussorgky's famous opera Boris Godunov (see The orchestral part will however be played by the Hexagon Ensemble (wind quintet and piano), with the addition of a percussionist. Leonard van Goudoever made the arrangement, and I was asked to typeset the music on the computer, such that there would be a clean score as well as separate parts for the instrumentalists.

The music notation software I used was Lilypond (, in combination with Frescobaldi ( The original hand-written score consisted of ca. 300 A3-sized pages. This resulted in a little bit more than 200 A3-sized pages of typeset score. All in all about three months of working steadily, with a nice final result.