A bilingual website for Martin Walton. He is professor (emeritus) spiritual care, poet, performer and Stadsdichter (city poet) of the town of Culemborg, 2022. This website was again built with Drupal (version 9). Hosting is on my own web server

Bezinning & Inspiratie Twello

I built the website for "Bezinning & Inspiratie Twello" with Drupal 9. A relatively simple website that announces events of the foundation, and gives some background information. The site is hosted on my own server. Casa os Gansos

A website that gives the visitor information about the holiday house "Casa os Gansos" in the Southern Algarve. Apart from a description of the house and a photo album, the site also has an online booking form. The owner of the site can maintain the bookings on the calendar, as well as indicate which periods are high, middle or low season. Of course the owner can also make changes to texts and images. also has a responsive design, which makes the site properly accessible on tablets and mobile phones.

Welstone screen shot

The Welstone website has been completely renewed in cooperation with a graphical designer. The technical part was again built with Drupal, for which some interesting modules were used. Not only texts, but also images for slideshows can be adapted by the owner. Further it is possible to send out newsletters, with the extra option to handle bounced e-mails automatically. They are analysed by Drupal in an intelligent manner, and then, if necessary, removed from the list.

Stichting Speelman-trad website

The website for Stichting Speelman was an interesting commission. It contains a lot of multimedia, as well as some nice technical challenges. An important part was the migration of data from the old website to the new one. The old site was made with a custom CMS. For the new site I chose Drupal again. It is also possible to maintain and send newsletters with the new website.

The renewed website looks much better and up to date now, and is easier to maintain

Screenshot Sweelinck Festival Deventer

The Sweelinck Festival Deventer will be held on 6 October 2012. Because I am also involved in the organisation, I decided to build the web site myself. The site will show the last updates related to the festival as well as some background information about Dutch composer Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck and Deventer. Possibly the website will stay around for some time after the festival. I will also be involved in making the program booklet and some material used for the exhibition.

Web site Leo Vroman Foundation

This web site, for the well-known Dutch poet, biologist, and artist Leo Vroman, was built on request of the Vroman Foundation, in cooperation with designer Mirjam Boelaars. This site also uses the Drupal CMS.

An immportant part of this site is the Beeldbank (Image collection), in which hundreds of drawings of Leo Vroman can be viewed, ordere by category. Further there is also an extensive illustrated biography.

There is also a blog, where Leo Vroman, who still writes much, can publish his texts and drawings. At 97 years old he is probably one of the oldest bloggers in the world.

An English translation of the site is planned.

Web site

A web site in four languages, built with the Drupal CMS, for annual book binder's fairs in Cologne and Sint Niklaas. A special feature for this site is that the lists of participants can be maintained in an easy way. If they skip one fair, then their data do not have be removed, but they can be made invisible. It is also possible to download a Word document of all participants of a fair.

Exicon homepage

This web site, for a choir from Enschede, was built with the Content Management System Drupal. The maintenance for the old site proved to be difficult. Now also non-technical persons can help with the maintenance.

Comm4all home page

An interactive website built with Drupal. Professionals in the area of communication can add their content to this site. Also, people looking for help can find a professional in with expertise in the subject of their demand. The site was built for a customer. The grafical elements were supplied by a graphical artist.