Among the services that I can offer you are:

  • Singing: I am a professional, classically trained solo singer (bass/baritone).
  • Piano lessons: I give piano lessons to children as well as grown-ups, beginners as well as advanced players.
  • Providing information about classical composers and their music via the Internet, either through my Classical Composers Database ( or in different ways.
  • Typesetting of sheet music electronically.
  • Typesetting publications about music or otherwise: layout, proof reading.
  • Building databases, e.g. to be used for web sites.
  • Building web sites.
  • Maintenance of web sites.
Example of music-text integration
An example of the integration
of typeset music and text
(click for a larger image).

As a specialist in (classical) music, Quixote wants to play a supportive role in all sorts of electronic publications, also when they are not related to music. No standard solutions, but tailor-made products, so that the customer will be able to identify himself with the resulting product. Based in The Netherlands, Quixote has a 10 year experience in all aspects of (electronic) publishing — in English! — and the Internet, gained in a big publishing company as well as privately. He is aware of the possibilities, the impossibilities and the traps.

Quixote's specialty is music. Apart from the fact that he knows a lot about (classical) music, he is also active as a passionate amateur musician: he plays the piano, sings, makes arrangements and composes. He also has experience with typesetting professional sheet music, and products related to music, like program notes.

Because of his long experience in a publishing company, where he improved his eye for detail and aesthetics, you can expect high-quality products, but at very affordable prices.

The name Quixote

Don Quixote door Picasso
Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
(by Pablo Picasso)

Of course Quixote is derived from "Don Quixote" (see this site for an explanation of the spelling), the famous character form Miguel Cervantes' novel. In 1605, already more than 400 years ago, this bestseller was published for the first time. It is said that it is the world's most sold book after the Bible.