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Jos Smeets

Among the services that I can offer you are:

  • Singing: I am a professional, classically trained solo singer (bass/baritone).
  • Piano lessons: I give piano lessons to children as well as grown-ups, beginners as well as advanced players.
  • Providing information about classical composers and their music via the Internet, either through my Classical Composers Database (Musicalics.com) or in different ways.
  • Typesetting of sheet music electronically.
  • Typesetting publications about music or otherwise: layout, proof reading.
  • Building databases, e.g. to be used for web sites.
  • Building web sites.
  • Maintenance of web sites.

Website AlgarveVilla.nu is online

I finished another website. This one was built for a customer for his holiday home in the Algarve, Portugal. It includes an on-line booking form with calendar with which the visitor can request a stay in the house for a certain period.

Of course the site also contains a lot photos. It is also a responsive site, i.e. its layout is adapted depending on the device on which it is viewed (PC, tablet, phone). See http://algarvevilla.nu.

Sheet music Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky

Fragment uit de partituur

It is the largest sheet music typesetting project I ever did, and it is now ready. The Dutch, Dordrecht-based Music Theater Group "Hollands Diep" is going to perform Mussorgky's famous opera Boris Godunov (see http://www.muziektheaterhollandsdiep.nl/nl/voorstellingen/boris_godoenov). The orchestral part will however be played by the Hexagon Ensemble (wind quintet and piano), with the addition of a percussionist.

Musicalics.com test version

Over the last month I have been working on a new classical music website based on an enormous database that was given to me by Jean-Paul Giraudet from France. He has been collecting data for composers and compositions from many sources for over 50 years, and now wants to share these data. There are over 25.000 composers and around 700.000 compositions listed on the site.

A first test version of the site is now ready: http://musicalics.com.

Speelman-website is ready

"Stichting Speelman", a large booking office for ensembles that play traditional folk music spelen, needed a new website. For that the data of the old website had to be migrated to the new site. An important requirement was to put the multimedia on the website on a more prominent place.

It was an interesting job to build this. In the end it has become an attractive website, which invites you to look for a band that plays traditional folk music. See http://speelman.nl (website is in Dutch).

Two new web sites

Recently I finished two new web sites.

The first is http://vromanfoundation.com. This site, built on request of the Vroman Foundation, is to promote the work and life of scientist and artist Leo Vroman. This 97 year old Dutchman is mainly known as a poet. However, he was also a biologist, and - less known - he made drawings. His drawings are a main subject of the web site, in the so-called Beeldbank (Image bank). There is also a biography with many photos. An English version is also planned.

Web site Kinderneuropsychologie launched

After long preparation the website www.kinderneuropsychologie.org (child neuropsychology) was launched on 13 September 2010. The site gives reliable information about neurological diseases with children. It is targeted at parents, teachers, but also doctors who are involved with these childern.

The web site was built on request of A. Jennekens-Schinkel (neurologist) and F.A.J Jennekens (neuropsychologist). They have also published a book about this subject earlier. Both have a long reputation in their disciplines.

Sheet music for Dutch version of Benjamin Britten's Saint Nicolas

In the autumn of 2011 the music theatre company Hollands Diep from Dordrecht (see http://muziektheaterhollandsdiep.nl/) performed Benjamin Britten's Saint Nicolas Cantata in a Dutch translation. For the choir rehearsals I created the music scores. The Dutch texts (translated by Martin Walton) was added to Benjamin Britten's notes.

Long ago I also sang this piece as a bass in the choir, which made it extra fun to do this.

Quixote in the newspaper

Article De Stentor, Jos Smeets, 15 May 2010

On 15 May there was a big article about in the newspaper — in the Saturday supplement of the Deventer edition of the Dutch regional newspaper "De Stentor".

The reason for the article was my Classical Composers Database, which will exist 15 years coming August (http://www.classical-composers.org). My other occupations are also mentioned, and something is told about my background.

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